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Welly Cars Fleet

WELLY CARS runs in a wide fleet of vehicles that drive us to the best choice for our customers. In any mechanical/physical breakdown/accident, the WELLY CARS team will be on the first’s client side and at a point to assist shortly, act immediately and replace a car to get you back on your mis- sion.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is a consumption tax charged on taxable goods, services, immovable property of any economic activities. Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the taxes that have a great eye by the Revenue Authority, hence WELLY INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY ensures that our clients comply with VAT Act 2014 and subsequent regulations.

Corporate Tax

– Verification of major expenses, – File financial return of income within statutory deadlines, – Reconciliation of revenue between electronic financial device (EFD) value added tax returns and audited financial statements, – Compute corporate income tax just before year end, – Re-computing revenue based on client’s nature of business 

Employment Tax

Many businesses suffer huge burden from TRA due to insufficient tax computation hence we help best in this area by; Ensure employment tax returns are filed properly on time at TRA – filing system, review payroll computation and establish all the available tax returns to respective authorities correctly, timely as on respective manner. 

Withholding Tax

On this particular tax, we clearly assist our clients with the following;  – Withholding tax on interest of foreign loans, – Monthly withholding tax compliance, – Dividends from shares on other companies inter-company and external, – Lease agreements, – Contracts of professional services providers of both imported and local services

Tax health check Review

We conduct tax health check reviews on various areas in order to provide assurance or identify potential errors which have been made during the tax conduct and recommend the effective and best recommendations for our beloved customer to avoid the risks on the identified risks as per the Income Tax Act 2004, Cap 332 RE 2019, Tax Administration Act 2015 and their subsequent regulations.

Stamp Duty Services

We offer a great help and assist on the computation of stamp duty to be paid or presenting the chargeable instrument to TRA for assessment and ensure the instrument has been stamped by TRA after payment for proper recording of all our taxes payments.

Capital Gain Taxes

Is the Tax paid by an investor upon selling their asset based on the amount by which the asset was appreciated during the time it was held. Gains from the sale of an investment asset are the excess of market value over the cost of the asset.

City Service Leavy

In this kind of levy we assist our clients to calculate this city service levy according to the level of income they generate per year and nature of business they are into.

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