Sosten Seiya

- Dr. Sosten A. Seiya

Operations Manager

Dr. Sosten Alex Seiya is the Operations Manager with WELLY GROUP COMPANY LIMITED. In this role, Dr. Seiya coordinates, manages and leads the Company team, providing quality service to all aspects of the Company business; including Car rental, Courier service and Air ticketing. He is a big believer in team work, integrity, confidentiality, punctuality and good customer service & care.
Dr. Seiya is a qualified Corporate Manager and holds the Master’s degree in Corporate Governance, a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and Lab Sciences and a Diploma in Clinical Medicine.
Before joining WELLY GROUP COMPANY LIMITED in 2019, Dr. Seiya worked for 10 years for a diverse range of organizations, including AAR, MDH, KIUT and local government agencies as a Clinician, Laboratory Manager, part time tutor and training facilitator.
Dr. Seiya’s varied background in Clinical medicine, Medical Laboratory Manager and University tutor, provided the perfect foundation for him to this Company as an Operations Manager who oversee the team and functions of the company business activities including Quality Assurance and Compliance to National and international work place regulations and policies.
To contact Dr. Seiya, please email, and can be reached at +255 677 478 111